Saturday, August 9, 2014

An awesome day

It's not best practice parenting, but for the last couple of years another parent and I have been offering our children money to score a goal at soccer. It made it more fun for the parents, I confess, and over time they increased the money from $10 to $50. I was fairly confident that I would never need to actually pay any money.

Bethany's team really enjoy playing, though they have not won a game this season. As parents, we haven't had many goals to cheer for, so we have been cheering when our goalie makes a save or when we got the ball up our end of the field. They have been improving steadily and Bethany has had a few chances, then finally, towards the end of the game, Bethany kicked a goal and the crowd went wild. 

Bethany herself said that she almost cried with happiness. She said that nothing could spoil her mood all day, and I am pleased to say that she did maintain it, all the way until 10.45pm!

We have a bonfire for church each year, at a farm near Junee. We roast marshmallows, play night soccer, spotlight, sing songs (Andrew brings his guitar) and eat supper. We all had a great time with our friends and it wasn't muddy or particularly cold. I remembered to wear two pairs of socks, so I was perfectly snug and even got to talk about Jane Eyre. An awesome day indeed.


  1. Sounds like a perfect ending to such a momentous day! Are you handing over the $$$'s to Bethany? She deserves to be so happy all day - well done!

  2. Does the deal continue? Could break the bank! Well done Bethany.