Friday, August 15, 2014

Toby rode in the state championships for road cycling today. He rode really well in the road race and the time trial and is very pleased with his results. He came seventh in the road race and ninth in the time trial (first Wagga rider in his age group). The rain held off so it was a great day. There is more riding tomorrow and much rain predicted!

Given the early start, the kids didn't go to youth group last night, but relaxed in front of the fire in the backyard. I went to a work trivia night. We came second, which pleased me, but there weren't enough book related questions for my liking. There were far too many cashews in my reach, too, at least at the beginning of the evening. Somehow, they had disappeared by the end. 


  1. Go Toby! Hope he has a good day today... I love trivia nights, but like you only like the literature questions! (and the cashews of course)

  2. Congratulations to Toby for Pedal power and your goodself for triva temptations!