Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday nights

I love a two day working week! The weekend is here and we celebrated by going to music practice (Andrew) and driving the kids to youth groups. St Andrew's is the other Presbyterian church in town, a magnificent old building, campared to ours at least, and their hall gets a good workout on Friday nights.

This week, Toby's youth group went bowling. I tried to get a photo but he was not keen, I'll say no more about it. I was itching to have a go myself.

Bethany and I are enjoying our Saturday morning tea. It's a civilised way of starting the day, though I had a little struggle maintaining the dignity when Bethany wanted to drink hers through a straw. I ask you.


  1. Appreciate your blogs Amy, cold and foggy here this morning, but feeling better every day!

  2. Toby went bowling... he's pretty good, hope he had a good game. I must say, I've never had tea through a straw....