Tuesday, September 2, 2014


It has been quite a big week. As well as a trip to Sydney, the eisteddfod began for Toby and Bethany. The Wagga Eisteddfod goes for three weeks, and I have been to plenty before, but our first two sessions with Toby on Tuesday were so very long. We went home for fifteen minutes between the sessions, but were otherwise there from 1pm until 8.30. The long haul.

Toby earned a highly commended, a fourth and a second. I was very pleased with that but, ever the perfectionist, Toby was not pleased. This afternoon he was asked to drop into the conservatorium where he was presented with a trophy for the most promising pianist under 14. Much joy!

Bethany went to the eisteddfod on Friday with her school choir where they also did very well. She still has three drama performances and dancing to go.

Today she and Toby had their soccer presentations and sausage sizzle. There's nothing quite like a sausage at 10.45am.

Tomorrow morning Bethany heads off to Dubbo for an excursion. She is equal measures of excitement and nervousness. I hope she has a wonderful time!


  1. Well done to Toby in both music and soccer... well done to Bethany in soccer! I'm sure she will have a fabulous time in Dubbo, she so loves animals, I'm sure she'll love the Zoo.

  2. WOW, what a week! Congratulations to both Bethany and Toby - what an achievement for them and a special mention for the transporation and spectator effort!! I'm sure the Zoo will be an exciting time for Bethy too!