Saturday, September 20, 2014

At the fair

We had our church street fair on Saturday. The weather was perfect, Andrew played jazz on a borrowed, bent trumpet, I gave a talk on smart phones and tablets and we enjoyed coffee and cake in the sunshine. Bethany had her face painted, her hair sprayed and played with baby animals.

Sue and Ron arrived on Friday so they were able to enjoy it, too. Bethany and I stayed at the fair while Andrew, Joss, Toby, Sue and Ron went down to the lake for the cycling presentations. Joss and Tobes both got first and second medals. Now, for an awesome track season!


  1. A fair amount of activity there, did Bethy get the kitten? Congratulations to the cyclists on their awards too, who got what?

  2. We did NOT take home a cat! Joss and Tobes both got one of each :)

  3. Oh well done J & T! And pity about the cat....