Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's over.....for another year

A message from the school said that the bus full of exhausted students and teachers would arrive at 6.30pm. They were all so tired! Bethany had a wonderful time at the car museum, old gaol, the Dish and especially the zoo. She brought home a cold, however, so we let her stay home the next day. Andrew texted me at work to day that she had just woken up at 10!

That night she had her first ever eisteddfod performances for speech and drama. She did a costumed duologue with a friend where she was Cinderella. They followed that up with an impromptu duologue. I would have to say that it is hard for ten year olds to do improvisation, or, at least, it is hard for adults to watch. They performed very well, but received no prizes. It's difficult when you have a high achieving brother.

The following morning she danced with her school dance group at the eisteddfod and they came second. I picked her up at lunch time, took her home to change and eat before going back in for a poem with her lovely friend, Charis. We got there at 2.45 and they finally performed after 5! They weren't actually eligible to be judged in that section as Bethany is already ten, and it was the under tens. 

I don't really know what happened there, but I do know that the eisteddfod plus big excursions (Toby went to Yarrangobilly Caves) makes for a busy and stressful couple of weeks! I'm not having any time off over the holidays, but I am looking forward to them all the same!


  1. Yes, Bethany has a very hard act to follow! Do I see Joss's hand in her hairstyle? She looks very cute... I'm glad she enjoyed the Zoo and all the other bits of her excursion... worth the lack of sleep.

  2. Glad she enjoyed all those activities, time for a break and some holidays!