Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Home alone

My trip to Sydney on Friday was very good. The seminar on eLending was great and I stocked up on pods at the Nespresso shop, which is quite an experience. We also enjoyed the snails.
The trip home gave me plenty of time to read as our 7pm flight left after 9. I got home at twenty past ten and put some washing on so Joss would have clean cycling gear for their trip to the velodrome in Sydney. Getting up at 4:50 was as awesome as you would imagine but we managed to pack and get Andrew, Joss and Tobes on the road by 6.30.
I'm sure Andrew will post about their trip, I'll stick to the long weekend Bethany and I had together. We went to the street fair at church where I gave a talk on choosing fabulous books and drank coffee. Bethany the bee played with friends, farm animals, the jumping castle and chalk.

I thought four days of just the two of us might prove a little trying. As it happens, when you have the time to give her, Bethany is lots of fun. We watched The Sound of Music, baked a cake, did crafty things and had a friend over.

This is a play Bethany put on for me with the paper Moshi Monsters she drew herself.

I bought her some plasticine for $5 and she has played with it for hours.

It was so good to have the time with her. Going back to work today was a wrench, but now Sare, Ty and three little cousins are here! 


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  2. So glad you and Bethy had a good time. Love her creativity. What was on at the Velodrome? Did they ride on it?