Saturday, September 7, 2013

Round up

OK - Amy's not well, so I'm going to update the throng that hangs out for a post on this blog. Pictures can tell stories quicker and better than I can though, so here's a few for your consumption...

This was B in her Get Smart dancing thing at the school fete...
...'twas great.

J & H doing some hair makeup (same fete).
Love the look on B's face.

Last game of the season today. A thumping loss  *shrugs shoulders*
Tobes gave it his all though - always does.

The must have group photo post season.

The 'force to be reckoned with'
Many goals came from a setup from K to T

Meanwhile - B as usual gives 120%
No goals this season, but won the hearts of all the parents.

The must have group photo post season (on iPhone though)
B was the only girl you might notice - held her own though...

The sweet individual photo

J getting ready for track season
2nd run on the new track bike and LOVIN' it...