Monday, September 16, 2013

Flying by

The last week of term, again! Last week was very exciting for Bethany as she went on her first overnight excursion. The Year 3 children spend one night at Borambola, an outdoor education camp just half an hour away. Bethany was up at 6, despite the fact that this excursion is the only one where the bus leaves at a decent hour. I hoped that the level of excitement wouldn't result in a big crash, of expectations or body (Toby fell off the top bunk during his Borambola excursion and sprained his wrist). I needn't have feared, she had a great time.
On Friday morning she did have to be at school early in order to get costumed up and driven to the showground for the dancing eisteddfod. Thankfully, I was able to slip away from work and watch her dance. There were six primary school dance groups in her section and Bethany's won! I have no photos because they have been known to disqualify the dancers if parents take photos!
I did, however, get some photos of the joy that was trophy day! We enjoyed a most delightful sport-free morning and then split up to cover the two presentations. Andrew and Joss went to cycling, Bethany, Toby and I went to soccer. Bethany was very pleased with her soccer trophy, different to everyone else's as it has a girl on it, and Toby won best and fairest on his team. I was happy with my sausage. The haul of medals and trophies from cycling was impressive!

The list: Bethany got a trophy for participating in soccer, Toby got one of those too, plus another for best and fairest (as well as a voucher for La Porchetta). For cycling Toby got two second place medals and the huge trophy for coming joint first in points overall. The huge trophy he doesn't get to keep, so he also received the clock. Joss got two second place medals and a participation trophy for cycling.


  1. It's hard to keep up with you all.

    Well done to all.

    Love Bop

  2. love the driveway medals/trophy shot! you should get a trophy for your running or get bethany to make you one!