Thursday, September 19, 2013


I'm having one of those weeks where I'm out of the office more than I am in. On Tuesday I went to the Henty Machinery Field Days with two workmates. We set up a stall in a big shed, very thankful not to be in a tent as the weather was very wet! We read a few stories, handed out lots of library bags, mobile library timetables and chatted about books and eBooks. The weather made it a quieter day than usual (according to others, this was my very first visit), so we read our books in the slow times and called it advertising. If only we could be paid to read more often!

The field days are a big deal around here. I went for a couple of wanders and the site is massive. There is so much machinery! I have no idea what it all does. I was really just interested in the food. Anne got to see some sheep dog puppies being trained. I always think of myself as living in the country, but Wagga is really quite urban. There were lots of proper country people at the field days!

This was the view from our shed. I appreciated the proximity of the coffee cart. I was warned about the mud situation so, the day before, I went out at lunch time and bought myself some gumboots. I wanted patterned one, but wasn't willing to spend $100. There are some expensive gumboots around! Mine are shiny and black and they remind me of patent leather party shoes. Walking in the mud was pretty much my favourite part.

Yesterday we went to Temora for a South West Zone managers' meeting. It sounds really exciting, doesn't it? Temora is a sweet little town and their council chambers are lovely.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Sydney for an eLending seminar at the State Library. It's perfect timing as I am almost out of Nespresso pods!

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  1. Interesting! Shame it was so wet. Wish we lived in Sydney and could see you. Love Dad