Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Still going

I haven't been deathly ill, I have just had a nasty cold and hayfever as well. I went home from work early one day and just suffered through the rest of the week. On Friday evening, after work, I went to the physio and he strapped my still bruised ankle so I could run in the Lake to Lagoon.

Saturday was such a beautiful day and I appreciated living in the country more than ever as I walked straight into the polling station, voted (above the line, I'm lazy and not sufficiently informed) and walked right back out again. No crowds, just lovely country side and I was back home in 15 minutes.

I wanted to take a photo of the countryside around the uni, but I was driving. This is directly across the street from our house!

Sunday was also sunny and bright. Toby, Bethany and Andrew rode the 10 kilometer course of the Lake to Lagoon at 10am and I went in the fun run, starting at 10.30. Due to the cold and the ankle, I took it easy, not running the whole thing. I made it in an hour and thirteen minutes, which I don't mind because I think I could try for an hour if I ran the whole way. It was awfully hot and sunny at that time of day, I'm used to running in the early morning, late afternoon or even at night (tonight I'll probably go for my run after 10pm). I have been in two races now, haven't run my best in either, but I definitely prefer the fun run!

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  1. Glad you're on the mend. These will be benchmarks as PB's and you will feel so much better when you beat the times next time!