Sunday, September 1, 2013

School Fete

I won't say that it wasn't a long day. I went to a trivia night the council's social club runs every year, on Friday night. I am pleased to say that the library table came second. I now have a $20 iTunes voucher to update my running playlist. Still, having been at a conference the week before, a quiet Friday night might have been a better idea.

The fete started at 2 and Bethany did the dance her group will be doing at the eisteddfod next week. I missed that part as I had a stamping class, but I arrived after 3 and we were all there until around 7.30. They really do a good fete, with lots of rides and stalls. I was rostered on the plaster cast stall for a while, which was fun. Toby and Joss were off with friends and Bethany and I had a great time, getting a plaster cast, riding pedal go-carts, eating fairy floss and playing with the farm animals. I didn't actually eat any fairy floss.

I don't know why I try and take photos of fireworks, they are such a poor representation! The fireworks were just beautiful. I am always very blasé about them beforehand, but ooh and ahh more than everyone.


  1. Lovely shots, and Bethy looked very "comfortable" with all the animals.

  2. Oh Amy, doesn't Bethy look just like Joss in that first photo? She is growing up way to fast, and getting more and more beautiful all the time.....