Tuesday, September 3, 2013


People have asked me whether I have had any problems with my knees or shins, since I have been running. I have been very pleased that, in my forties, I have been able to take up running, never having been sporty in my whole life, with no ill effects. I haven't even fallen over while running, though I have stumbled or tripped a few times. I fall over while walking, quite regularly! Usually because I am looking at my phone instead of where I am going, sometimes because I try to fit through a crack big enough for my legs, but not my Ugg boots....
On Sunday evening, after a very busy weekend, I left for my long run. I was hoping to run 11 kilometers. It was rather later than I had hoped and so it was mostly dark and I trod on a large rock and twisted my ankle. I managed to stay upright and just kept running for a while, but it didn't feel right, so I rang Andrew to come and pick me up. I am disappointed that I didn't do my run, and the 10k race on this weekend is not going to be as I had planned, but I have discovered the world of physiotherapy and am amazed!
A friend recommended I show my ankle to a sports physiologist and physio, to see what to do with it now, and ask when I can start running again. I have never been to a physio before, but my ankle feels almost better already and I may be able to run and walk the race on the weekend. It's so odd, becoming this new person so late in life. I keep on feeling the need to explain that I am just learning everything. I even think, that after seven months, I just might be starting to enjoy the actual running, just a bit.


  1. Oh no! about the ankle... good about the no other effects from running. Hope you manage to get out and about on the ankle for the race this weekend. You almost make me want to run.... almost!

  2. Sore paw! Glad to hear it's on the mend, so quickly. Hope you can make the race.

  3. "so late in life"???

    1. Most people get sporty before their 40s! I'm not saying we're old, just that it is fairly late to take up a sport :)