Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hanging with the Soups

Not seeing their cousins is the hardest thing about living where we live, as far as the kids are concerned. Of course, of the seven children across my and Andrew's families, only one still lives in Sydney, so there isn't anywhere we could live to be close to everyone. We're very thankful for Skype and Google Hangouts because we can see people when they are far away, but having family to stay is very sweet.

Last week, the first week of the holidays, we had the Soups. Andrew and I had to work but we all had a fabulous visit. As usual, I took next to no photos!

Xavie and J
The big kids love to play with the little ones, though occasionally some had to retreat for a bit of alone time.

Uncle Andy is always a big hit

The little one we had only met once!
We love having the space for visitors!

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