Friday, October 4, 2013


Toby has a delightful group of friends at school. A couple of the girls circulated a piece of paper, in the last week of term, to see which day in the holidays people would be free to go to the movies and bowling. They chose a date and rang a few days ago to confirm. I answered the phone and handed it over to Toby who said that they did nothing but giggle and talk to each other, instead of him!

I dropped Toby at the cinema and waited for a while before coming to the realisation that he had gotten the time wrong. All that giggling must have out him off. They saw Turbo and then went bowling. They were in high spirits when I came to pick Toby up.

Toby doesn't love having his photo taken.

Pick the extroverts.
I hope Toby makes lovely friends like these at his new school next year.

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  1. Who needs a baby sitter now!!!! Glad to see that he is going to TRAC next year too.