Monday, October 21, 2013

The first house we bought was in Winmalee. We didn't have any bushfires while we lived there, we didn't, in fact, live there very long, but I did worry about them sometimes. It was very windy and the bush was just at the end of our street. It has been very odd to be in Wagga, which has been cool to cold, while our old suburb burned. The fires are so far away but we have had a couple of hazy days and the sun and moon have been red.

On Friday Andrew drove down to Melbourne to see Nik Kershaw and Kim Wilde in concert. He's not really the type to go to a nostalgic 80s gig (I am!) but he has long been a fan of Nik Kershaw who has been making music ever since the glory days. Andrew might tell you the story himself, it's very exiting because he met Nik!

Bethany became a mummy at Kids' Club, I didn't ask the significance.

On Saturday evening I took the kids to Fusion 13, Wagga's multicultural festival. I love the atmosphere in the Victory Memorial Gardens at this event, there is singing and dancing as well as jumping castles and food. We sat a watched for a while before braving the food stalls. I chose food from Sierra Leone, as I have read a lot of books from there this year as well as reading this blog. I'm glad to have chosen that, even if i didn't exactly like it. The queues were long and a bit disorganised. Toby took some money and lined up for curry, but the girls wouldn't go out on their own and by the time they had decided that they wanted the same as Toby and we spent time in that queue, they ran out of rice! We spent another 20 minutes lining up for satay sticks and then they had a delay there, too, so Toby and Bethany went on the huge jumping castle, we watched some Bollywood dancing and bought Joss and Beth McDonald's on the way home. I was very sorry to miss the African groups, but there is always next year, when we will take a picnic.

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  1. A BIG week! Thought of you and Winmalee and glad the cultuaral thing was interesting for you all.