Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Last week it was Corowa and Ardlethan, this week it has been Lockhart and Coolamon. I really enjoy visiting the little towns around us. Today I went to Coolamon to teach some people about eReaders. The library in Coolamon is new and very nice, but it doesn't really have a good space for a projector, so we went next door to the Up-to-Date Store, a fabulous old building that used to be a large shop and is now a sort of museum.

They used to put money in containers and shoot it around the building using a cash railway, and it is still there (it's those lines and circles hanging from the ceiling.

I like the drive to Coolamon on long, straight roads. Tomorrow we are all hitting the road on our way to Leura. We're very excited as we couldn't imagine Easter without the Katoomba Convention and staying with the Davidsons.

We have had quite the Indian summer, 34 degrees today! I do hope that it is cool in the mountains.


  1. Enjoy the mountains, can be wonderful at this time of the year.

  2. I must be getting VERY old, I remember that method of paying from when I was a little girl.

    Have fun in Katoomba! Hope it's a bit cooler than it is here! Happy Easter!