Saturday, March 23, 2013

Catching up, again

Have I fallen off the blogging waggon? I suppose I have. I think it is fair to say that we have been a little too busy of late. We have really enjoyed the process of building a house, but there is a fair bit to organise and do, at this late stage, and we both work full time, the kids are all involved in activities and we have church and Bible study and our own hobbies.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound like I am moaning about it, just explaining the lack of blogging. I used to get up early, make lunches and then sit at the computer with my cup of tea. Now, I make lunches the night before and run or walk Milo in the mornings, saving my first cup of tea until I get to work at 8, so I waste spend less time in front of my home computer.

So, what have we been doing since I was here? Andrew went to Bathurst overnight and I did two day trips, one to Corowa and one to Ardlethan. Corowa has a whisky and chocolate factory, owned by the same people who own Junee's licorice and chocolate factory. We had lunch there after our meeting.

Toby had his presentation night for cycling's track season. He came second in his age group for the sprint derby and scratch race.

He also came second over all for the juniors (that's up to age 17) in points. They get points for placing in all their races over the season. Next week, road season starts! He will also be playing soccer, as will Bethany and Joss, netball. Where did these sporty children come from?

I have just finished my 7th week of Get Running and can run for 25 minutes. Next week it's 28 and then 30 - the end of the program! After that I will just keep running for 30 minutes, 3 times a week and hopefully go a bit faster, and therefore cover a bit more distance, over time.

Andrew, Toby and Joss have been for a twenty kilometre ride this morning and soon we are heading to school for their open day, where Bethany will dance and play the violin, not at the same time. I'll try and remember to take photos and post them!


  1. Thanks Amy, great to catch up. Well done to everyone - Toby for his cycling, Joss for starting and Bethy for her more creative efforts! Love Dad

  2. Oh, I'm exhausted just reading it! Bamma was pretty sporty - he had a few "pockets" on his Grammar blazer - we donated them, with the blazer (still in pretty original condition) to the school not so long ago, they were thrilled!