Sunday, March 3, 2013

Afternoon tea in the country

My good friend and library colleague, Jeannie, is getting married in two weeks. Yesterday afternoon, we drove out to lovely Old Junee for a kitchen tea at Kristy's. I love going out to Kristy's hundred year old farm house, mostly because I like the people who live there, but also because it's a very cool house on a farm! They even have wandering guinea fowl to eat baby snakes and kick up a very big fuss about big snakes.

 Kristy did a wonderful job with the afternoon tea and my tea pot had, for the first time in its life, matching tea cups!

Spinach and fetta quiches, blue cheese, chicken and walnut sandwiches (I'm starting with the non-sweet things I ate), alcoholic jellies, tiramisu hearts, melting moments, white chocolate slice, carrot cupcakes, Garn's lemon cake and tea and champagne! There's nothing that says celebration as much as over eating when it isn't even a meal time.

Here is Jeannie with little Sam. She is feeling pretty much under control for the big day. I hope the weather is like it was yesterday, sunny and warm, getting cool into the evening.

I'm feeling, at the moment, that weekends are a bit short. Or, maybe it's that the weeks are a bit long. Either way, it is really nice to do something other than get the household in order and prepare for the new week, and now that I no longer see these people every day at work, it was delightful to spend the afternoon with them.

And it's always fun to play with this little fella, and his big brother.


  1. YUM! It all looks divine.

    Doesn't look like you've had too much rain though? We've been inundated with rain - inches and inches of rain and everything is so green here. Maybe we should send some your way?

  2. Maybe your time poor because you have so much on your plate! Love Dad.