Saturday, March 16, 2013

Look what I made!

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Library Bloke from Riverina Regional Library on Vimeo.

I am extraordinarily proud of this video, even though I came onto the project after the interview was done and basically watched Sonya do three and a half hours of editing. I did do a fair bit of the filming and if you don't blink, you can see my black and white dress going up the stairs during one of the time lapse bits. I am the least of the contributors but I am very pleased with it none the less!

It is the product of the day I wrote about last week, the one where I got sunburnt. Cynthia and I not only had lots of fun with Sonya and Rob, but we learnt a lot too. This won't be our last video!


  1. Well done! It looks very, very professional.

  2. A new career for you all. Terrific and very interesting. Well done!