Friday, March 15, 2013

House update

The concreter has been and we have concrete around the house.

Our garage floor is not dirt anymore and we have a driveway.

He hasn't finished yet, but I think the tilers are about to do the front porch.

Until we realised that the back door wasn't locked, I took this photo through the laundry door to show you that the tilers have been hard at work inside. You can also see my polka dotted skirt.

This is the kids' bathroom. The dark tiles are a chocolate sort of colour, not black.

The drains are the sort where you see a small, square tile, not the drain.

In the last update, the photo of Bethany was in front of the dining room window. This one is Jossie's room.

This is our ensuite, the shower is around that corner.

This will be tiled soon, too.

I am in denial about the fact that we need to start packing. One problem is that we have nowhere in our rented house to put boxes!


  1. OMG! They are powering ahead! And I see they've put the plasterboard under the roof of the patio! It all looks fantastic! It won't be long now.... about the boxes, I can't think where you're going to stack them? - carport? under the back of the house?

    PS, If you need/want help packing/moving - I'm available!

  2. Looks great, can't wait to see it in real life. The back area is much better now the floor has been done.

  3. It's looking great! Can't wait to see it (and its occupants) in person very soon xo