Monday, March 4, 2013

House update

The inside of the house is still going ahead at great pace. It's all terribly exciting until I think about actually moving again.

The kids' bathroom.

I love these glass doors - we have three sets of them!

I'm thinking, too, about artwork. Especially for this space above the kitchen sink's splashback window.

This is going to be the library, sigh.

And this cupboard is just for my stamping things!


  1. Oh! Isn't it going ahead! It looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it again.... What about "commissioning" the "tree" picture? It would be fantastic.... though maybe something long and narrow would be good?

    PS, Is Bethy in Joss' room?

  2. Wow. Exciting times. Can't wait to visit!

  3. Looks terrific, can't wait to see it.

  4. It's looking fabulous! Can't wait to see it at some point. I like wall decals for that sort of space - you can change them when you get sick of them!

  5. I also really like The Tree of Life carvings