Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love in a paddock

Matt proposed to Jeannie in the library last year and yesterday, after months of planning, they got married in a paddock.

We all got very dirty feet, and the women in heels lost their extra height, but it was a beautiful setting, in Ladysmith, just outside of Wagga.

Up on the hill, a cow and her baby watched the ceremony.

Those of us who work with Jeannie feel like we have lived and breathed this wedding for a long time, so it was a joyous celebration for us all to see the hard work come together.

I confess that I felt old quite often. The cake(s) were red velvet. In my day we had a mud cake of some description if we didn't want fruitcake. Andrew and I had the fruitcake at our wedding.

There was a lolly bar to make your own lolly bags, just like a child's birthday party! There was a dance floor and I love to dance, but the music was not my kind of music at all. What an old lady I am!

There was a photo booth set up, with lots of props, and we were encouraged to take as many photos as we liked. Each set of three photos printed two copies so one went in a guest book and we got to keep the other. This turned out to be so much fun and was kept busy for most of the night.

This was taken just before the speeches, and I like it because it looks like Jeannie and Matt are just checking their phones. They weren't!

Jeannie and her family and friends made all the table decorations and flowers, including the bouquets and button hole flowers, out of paper. What is Jeannie going to do with all her spare time now that it is all over?


  1. I love the lolly bag idea. Wish I had have stolen it. I may still for something!

  2. And what a lovely dress you were wearing, Amy! I'm so glad you've been able to wear it more than once!