Friday, March 29, 2013


Often, when we go on long car trips, Andrew gets new music. Twice we have had new Mika albums while away from home. It took us seven hours of leisurely driving to get to Leura yesterday, and Andrew downloaded the latest Mika album, which we missed when it came out last year. It was very good, certainly better than my running playlist, I'm getting a bit sick of it!

Many members of the Davidson family are musical and today Teen gave Bethany a violin lesson. Bethany brought her school violin up because she had learnt to play Hot Cross Bun, and she had a great time playing a duet with Teen and even has a go of Teen's viola. Are you thankful this isn't a video?


  1. Bethany has the stance right, if not the notes!

  2. Virtuoso performance I'm sure!