Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pancake Day

I won't make excuses, I should have been blogging. We're busy, of course (who isn't?), but I do many things, any number of which I could not do in order to blog. I have realised that we are in a stage of life where even weekdays fly past. It's Friday again? I like it a lot, no dragging days, longing for the weekend. The weekend will be here again before we know it! It does mean, though, that weeks can pass without my writing anything here.

I'll attempt to catch up, but don't expect breadth or accuracy.

Joss and Tobes had their cycling club championships and both placed in their races. They have a presentation a bit later. Toby and Bethany are registered for soccer again, summer has gone! The mornings are cool and dark, the days are still hot, but the end is in sight.

I'm thinking of making my own sourdough bread on the weekends and today I made pikelets for afternoon tea as it is Shrove Tuesday. The excitement of it all!


  1. Thanks Amy, missed your blogs, nice to get all your news.