Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This is the year

I love living in the country. I know I bang on about it, but I love getting into my car at a quarter to eight and being at my desk by five to. I love going to the butcher or some other errand on the way home and still getting home by four. There are trade-offs, of course. Having no family in the area means that we rarely see relatives on their birthdays , so must send our presents.

It's not that I'm not, or can't be, organised. I am a librarian, I'm good at organising. I see birthdays approach and I wonder what to buy. Should I shop in town and go to the post office, or shop online and have it sent straight there? I dither and don't know what to get, I find something online but they don't gift wrap so it will have no card, so I plan to shop in town but all of a sudden it's too late, so I give up. Another birthday approaches and I face the same problems plus the fact that I missed relative X's birthday so feel guilty about acknowledging relative Y's. Before you know it, I'm in a hideous cycle and the year's s write-off.

Not this year. This is the year of being a good daughter/sister/in-law/aunty. One nephew has a birthday tomorrow and I sent his present on Monday, Mum's birthday is next week and I ordered her pressie weeks ago, one more nephew has a birthday next week and his present is wrapped and ready to send tomorrow. Assuming I haven't forgotten anyone, that's two months down and only ten to go! I even bought a random, non-birthday present. Who could pass up these pug earrings, I ask you?

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  1. Well done, keep up the organisation, Mum's pressie is sitting here "worring" her to blazes wondering what it is - so tempting!