Saturday, February 8, 2014


We're almost back to ordinary life again after the long holidays , and initial signs indicate we'll survive it. Toby is enjoying high school, he says the days  are very long, and Bethany has adjusted to catching the bus alone. Kids' Church started last Sunday (I am teaching years 5 and 6) and Kids' Club and youth group started last night. I had my first card night of the year on Thursday.

I am cleaning the house in stages on weekday afternoons/evenings and doing the shopping online so as to save Saturdays from being all work. It's a full schedule, but I am hoping to keep it from being crazy this year. Joss and Tobes make their own school lunches and I am running and walking Milo late at night so my mornings are free for jobs. It all sounds a bit tedious, but this morning, after sleeping in, I am sitting in the cool, drinking tea and listening to the gentle whir of the washing machine. I have a market visit and much card making with Bethany to look forward to while the others are at the Golden Wheel cycling competition.

After a brief lull, the heat wave continues with 41 today, it's a shame summer doesn't end with the summer holidays.

My main problem with regular blogging, is that I never take any photos! I am forced to use a selfie I found, from the selfie taker extraordinaire, and the book I am sending to our nephew, Harvey, who is at the right age for toilet humour, thankfully. I can't pass up the opportunity for a book with his name in it!


  1. Back to your BUSY self. How is the online shopping going? do you get F&V or just the other stuff?

    1. I get the lot, Dad, except meat because I like to shop at Knights for that :)