Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back to School

Phew! The first day of school is over and was a resounding success. Bethany managed not to talk in class, is sitting next to her BFF and likes her new teacher. Toby was more excited than nervous and really enjoyed his first day of high school. Joss has the friends she was hoping for in her classes and likes her new elective subjects, food technology and journalism. The enthusiasm has lasted through day two. So far, so good.

One year ago this evening, I put on my new shoes and outfit, turned on my music and the Get Running app and went for my first run. I discovered that 20 seconds of running was really long to me, but I ran eight lots of sixty seconds that night and nine weeks later, could run for thirty minutes solid. This year, I'm planning to run a half marathon in July. I have a LOT of training to do, 10.5k is the furthest I have ever run and a half marathon is 21k. The two 10k races I did last year were awful, I couldn't run the whole way, but I am hoping to manage this half marathon at the Hunter Valley Gardens, near Mum. I have to run tonight, even though it will still be 32 degrees at 10pm!


  1. HVG! Near us :) Heat training tonight will be good. It's always hot up in the valley. ;)

    1. I went at 9 and it was 34 degrees! Mum keeps saying how cold it will be early in the morning in July, and I keep saying that I don't care about the cold!

    2. Gosh, that is hot! Your Mum is right - but the cold will be an incentive to run faster ;)

  2. Glad the kids had a good start, will it keep going, trust Bethy's Ok on the bus. Keep the training up, nothing worse than running unprepared!