Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post beach sizzle

We had such a lovely time at Bermagui. The weather was great, not hot. In fact, I found it quite difficult to go in for my yearly dip in the ocean, but go in I did, not once but twice! Joss had a good laugh because I spent my whole time in the surf holding my arms up out of the water, or trying to karate chop the waves, squealing that the water had gotten in my ear or wet my hair.

We ate our fill of fish and chips, Andrew and the kids had gelato and I had a few coffees from the patisserie. We watched Miss Marples and Poirots and I read lots of books. It was a blissful holiday and our drive home was pretty good, too. We had lunch in Bungendore at a sweet cafe we found on the trip in the opposite direction. We learned our lesson from the first visit and Andrew and I shared a chicken schnitzel burger. A couple near us were caught out by the massive servings when the slim woman ordered a trio of "mini" burgers, each big enough to be a meal on its own. It's the second place we have been to this holidays where the meals were, quite literally, at least twice as big as they should have been. Even the kids' meals were too big and my children are neither small, nor small eaters! No wonder we are a fat nation!

We got home on Sunday night, just in time for the heatwave. Five days of temperatures above 40. Tomorrow will hit 43! Indoors it is.

Toby turned twelve yesterday and celebrated with a afternoon of Adventure Time (his favourite TV show) Monopoly with a couple of his friends. His requested meal was enchiladas and a chocolate layer cake with cream and strawberries. I used Nigella's chocolate sour cream cake and it was declared a winner. That's the first birthday of the year finished!


  1. Happy Birthday Toby! I'll have some of THAT cake!!

  2. Glad to see bethys "hoodie" is getting a lot of use! Enjoy next week. Love Dad