Saturday, January 25, 2014

The rain

After almost a week of temperatures over 40, we had a day of rain yesterday. So refreshing, it was. There was much to report on in that week, and my first back at work, but having only my phone to blog on has not proved conducive to much blogging at all.
Our week at home was not good for garden work, as we'd hoped, but was perfectly suited to a nice mix of relaxation and indoor work. Bethany and Joss are people who enjoy 'playing' in their rooms. They are very good at amusing themselves. This leads to a gathering of much clutter! Toby is very happy on a screen of some sort, or playing with a real person, but apart from reading, he isn't a great one for keeping himself amused. His room took half an hour to sort!
Facebook friends will have seen the image of Joss' lunch, I can only assume it was from the last day of school. As my Dad once found a very large quantity of rotting apples at the bottom of my bag, I can hardly treat this as a special sort of evil. The thing I have never understood, is why children don't use the bins at school? A profound mystery.
Mum has been here with my niece, Charlotte, this week. I have loved having them and the kids have all played so well. I took advantage of the last week with no school, and started work early, so I didn't even see the kids in the morning. Next week it will be all school lunches (how I dislike them!), uniforms and getting ready for the bus. Sigh. Toby is off to high school and Bethany will travel alone....
But that is next week. In a few hours my brother, Phil, and the rest of the family will arrive for the long weekend. Sleeping eleven will be a test for our house. Bring it on!

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  1. Nice Blog thanks Amy. I'll be glad to have Ma Ma home on Sunday - your loss is my gain! Re the lunches - why bother if they're not going to be eaten! Like you we never understood why they got left in bags or hidden in cupboards to be found by sharp nosed parents! Of well, that's life and it seems little has changed! Love to all Dad