Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The end

Oh, happy, lazy summer. Tomorrow the kids go back to school and while the heat will go on, our holiday spirit and time will not!

The last holiday weekend was suitably celebratory with eleven people sleeping at our house. Mum and Charlotte were still here, and Phil, Kristin and the twins arrived on Saturday afternoon. We had a great family dinner and played Apples to Apples after the twins went to bed.

Mum left on Sunday morning, as the rest of us had French toast and bacon. We celebrated Australia Day with a backyard water slide, and a concert in the park. Watching Henry and Georgiana groove to Uncle Andrew's band was a highlight.

After saying goodbye to Phil, Kristin and the kids on Monday morning, we spent the day buying school shoes and supplies. Joss loves buying stationery and insisted I wait until after her summer camp catch up before going to Officeworks.

Bethany will be the only one in the family at her school, Toby starts high school and Joss gains a sibling at school. It's going to be a big year!

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  1. A lovely end to the LONG holidays! Back to school and all that that entails! Great pics, thank you. I'm sorry I missed the "gathering"!