Thursday, March 13, 2014


I went to Sydney yesterday, my first work trip there this year. I love solo day trips to Sydney. The super early start is not my favourite part, but it does give me plenty of reading time. Two plane trips, waiting at the airport and a leisurely coffee in Martin Place meant that I finished my book club book, Saturday by Ian McEwan, and got a good start on Middlemarch. Middlemarch has roughly 900 pages, so I''ll be at it a while.

Joss and Toby had their athletics carnival today. Each one focused on a different word in that title. I'm sure you can guess who went for carnival! Joss and Charlotte went as those troll dolls with the stumpy bodies and vertical hair. The hair hides a structural water bottle! Toby came second in the long jump and may get to travel to Albury for the next level!

I made brioche and people on Facebook are enjoying it, even though they haven't eaten any.


  1. That hair is simply amazing! I'm glad I read Middlemarch on my Kindle, as that way you have no idea how many pages there are... I did enjoy dipping back into it after so many years. Your brioche looks fabulous, next time we're together, you must show me how to make it... Congratulate Toby too.

  2. Congratulations Toby for his looooong jump and Jossie for her high hair! Love the bloggings.