Thursday, March 20, 2014

The road

I have been out and about for work this week. I drove an hour in one direction to Holbrook on Tuesday, to talk to some seniors about Ancestry Library Edition. While writing the talk I made some fabulous discoveries about my own family. Unfortunately, my excitement has not translated into action and I have not followed it up, yet. I''ll get there, Dad.

On Wednesday I drove an hour in a different direction to Cootamundra, a pretty, vibrant town where I talked about smartphones. You may have guessed that it is Seniors' Week, which, somehow, always means technology talks.

I love driving through the country. The muted greens of the gum trees, the golden straw coloured paddocks, still looking like summer. I engaged in some dangerous and not very successful photography.

Tomorrow morning I'm up at five and off to Sydney again, this time for a children and youth meeting. Seniors' Week being the perfect time for such things. It's in Blacktown, too, which will be a new experience for me. I hope they have decent coffee there. I once went to a meeting at Ashfield, which had the advantage of being much closer to the city, and after wandering up and down the street in search of a cafe, I ended up getting a coffee from a Michel's in a shopping centre. There is plenty of good coffee in Wagga!

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