Tuesday, March 18, 2014


We watched the huge, orange moon rise as we ate dinner. It was almost a shooting star it was so quick! At one point it had a thin line of cloud across the middle and Bethany said it looked like a moustache.
We have been enjoying some cooler weather, looking forward to Summer departing, though it isn't ready to go quite yet, Autumn is just teasing us. Sunday was the coolest day and I was very glad because I finished my 5 to 10k app, again. I ran my first 10k run since I sprained my ankle last year. Now to build up to 21k.....
I wrote a post about my running for ABC Open..


  1. Cool here too, doona pulled up last night for the first time. Still great days though.

  2. I didn't want to contradict you on the ABC site, but we really didn't drink wine, sparkling or otherwise, at Little Athletics - most Saturdays however, we had enjoyed a few sparkling wines on the end of week Friday! ;)

  3. Oh, you ruined my memory! It was such a good one, too....