Sunday, March 9, 2014


I am not usually one to get involved in school community activities. Perhaps because I have a church family and work friends, card making friends and book club friends, I haven't needed to get involved and haven't wanted to give up the time. I attend assemblies that my children perform in and go the the open day, helping on a stall, but I have never made it to Megasplash before.

Megasplash is held every second year and involves the whole school community, students, teachers, parents and siblings, driving over an hour to a water park at Narrandera. There are pools of many sizes, a lake and waterslides. It's probably the drive that has put me off, and the fact that it doesn't finish until late, but this year I was convinced to go. My friend Narelle questioned my parenting commitment (a sore point for many a working mother) and Monique said that they have been to all of them and even take their TRAC kids out of school  to go.

So, on Friday afternoon, Joss, Tobes, Bethany and I found ourselves on the long, straight road to Narrandera. Joss was unimpressed because she had texted one friend from her old school and found out she wasn't going to Megasplash and didn't know who was. Toby was keen to see his friends but felt tired so I was worried that it was turning into an expensive, time consuming  afternoon of unhappiness, but then we arrived.

As we approached the gate a group of around 12 of Toby's old friends were screaming his name. They ran out and mobbed him, it was so heartwarming. Just after walking in, Joss saw a couple of friends who leapt up to hug her, and she was sorted. I found a shady spot to set up with Narelle, Bethany went off with her friends and we all had a delightful time.

There will be one more Megasplash while we still have a child at the Christian College. Maybe I''ll even take my swimmers.......just kidding!

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  1. Soooo, good to get your blogs. What a great dayfor all.