Saturday, March 29, 2014


We haven't got Autumn colours yet, but the weather is definitely changing. It isn't really cool, the humidity nearly killed me on my last two runs, but I can imagine snuggling up with a blanket and that's a lovely start.

I didn't travel this week, but was very busy at work. We had a parent teacher interview for Bethany and it was a relief to make just the one appointment after 18 at Joss and Tobes' school.

I'm enjoying a quiet cup of tea on a foggy morning before going to Child Protection training at church. I'm trying to adjust my attitude, I know why we do it and understand the importance, but it's my one quiet morning (soon to be lost to soccer) and I have done the training twice before. It's a shame I'm not reading Middlemarch on an eReader, because it's a tricky book to hide! I'll just have to participate.


  1. Colours just starting to turn here, and getting cooler. Very, very wet though - over 5 inches of rain! Can't wait for winter and reading by the fire...

  2. the humidity is insane this week!