Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slip and slide

It was very hot yesterday and I was rather dreading standing in the hot sun at cycling. I was pleasantly surprised by a really fun evening. Wednesday night is racing night but they didn't do normal races. They had four teams made up of all ages and they had bike races with extra elements, like crawling through tunnels and popping balloons, and non-bike races such as the one below - a relay with half a lap on scooters.

Santa arrived, riding the smallest motorbike I have ever seen. It got a flat tyre and put a big hole in his suit, so that his stuffing was coming out around the crotch! The thongs were a nice touch.

While the sausages were cooking, the kids went water sliding. It took Toby and Bethany a long time to decide they wanted to do it, but then they got right into it.

It was so sweet when Bethany's little friend waited patiently for her to finish her sausage so they could go sliding together again.

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