Friday, December 21, 2012


On my very last regular Thursday off, Toby, Bethany and I went to say good bye to the Halbisches before they move to Mudgee. The girls have always been quite attached to Toby.

I love the effort Samuel puts into his smiles.

All my Christmas presents have been sent! It was a big job and I almost felt it would have been worth having the post office to myself as I packed three boxes and three bags, trying to make sure every item went to the right place and keep my elbows to myself.

We also went up to the house to meet the electrician and make sure all the lights, power points and TV connections were going in the right spot. I was impressed on two points, firstly, that the electrician is a woman and secondly, we have a roof!

Today is my last day working at Wagga City Library. I am very sad to leave my great friends and a beautiful building. Three weeks of looming holidays are softening the blow.


  1. Can't believe how quickly the house is going up! I suppose the builders will be having January off? It looks amazing.... you must be thrilled. Sad about the library, but the good thing about Wagga is that you are never far away from each other, even if you've moved on with your job.

  2. Quite a time for you. House looks great and going so fast! Sad to be moving on but that's life and a whole lot of new experiences and challenges are ahead. We'll miss you all at Christmas! Speak soon. Love Dad.