Monday, December 10, 2012


We had an early dinner and were all ready to head out to Joyes Hall for Jossie's presentation night, when Shep texted Andrew, telling him to pack an ebook, sunglasses so people couldn't tell when he was asleep and not, under any circumstances, to take Bethany. So, Bethany and I stayed home and missed seeing Joss on stage receiving her award for coming first in music. They got home at 10pm - on a Thursday night!

Bethany has been keeping very busy, writing on Christmas cards for every child in her class. She can be so industrious when she is on a mission. Yesterday afternoon she spent a couple of hours writing a book. She brought it out to me in installments and I was really enjoying it. Sadly, when she was finished, I stapled it and we discovered she had written too close to the edge and pulling it apart again was a bit traumatic. I hope she hasn't destroyed it because I need to find out what happened in the end!


  1. Congratulations to Jossie! Well done....

  2. Well done everyone! Love Dad