Monday, December 17, 2012

On your mark....

This is the last week of track cycling for the year, and with a few minor adjustments to the bike and a need for speed, Toby had a cracker of a day today. Can you spot him in the warm up group?

They do around 15 or 20 laps gradually increasing in speed. He can stay with the bigger kids until the end now (the trick is to race behind someone much bigger than you :)

This is one of his friends Lauren - she's no slouch either.  She is one of about 10 kids that Toby regularly races against in his age group. Initially he was heavily handicapped, but is now the top of his age group starting mainly from scratch and will probably move up to the under 13s soon. 

And this is why (the sprint home)...

Meanwhile, Bethany + my phone = instant friendships with the "pocket rockets"

Returning triumphant  - 3 races, 3 wins.

We are loving it and I get as much enjoyment watching as I do riding myself (this is Andrew posting this if you haven't worked it out yet). It's a technical but fun sport and so very good for them.

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  1. Oh well done Toby! You are just so good at this....