Friday, December 14, 2012

Nearly there....

It seems that a relatively short and largely succinct presentation night is just for the smaller kids. Last night's middle and senior school event was neither of those things. Perhaps my tolerance is low at this time of year, but I couldn't help feeling that we could have celebrated a great school year and all the achievements of students and staff in much less time. We were sitting with Shep and Nelly, which didn't help us maintain mature behaviour. Three iPhones and an iPod touch meant plenty of cameras and photo manipulation apps to keep our shoulders shaking during the speeches, at least for the first third of the evening.

Not all middle school students receive awards and those who do are notified by mail, to make sure they come and then they sit together so at least that part of the proceedings goes quickly. Nelly did not receive a letter so she was sitting with us. Toby had already received his award so I had ceased paying attention when poor Nelly had to push past and run up the front to accept her two awards. It is my bet that Shep read the first sentence of the letter, all about the presentation night, and then threw it out, never getting to the part about Nelly's awards!

Someone has had a growth spurt.......

Toby received a commendation in all key learning areas. Clever boy!

We decided, as we had only gotten through one of four pages of programme, that Bethany should go home to bed. We thought about all leaving but Joss wanted to stay to the end to chat to her old friends and Toby and Nelly also wanted to stay (there was a heavily laden supper table). Israel was playing in a band right at the end of the evening so after thinking of all the possible ways of getting out of listening to the rest, Andrew took Bethany and Shep and I chatted outside for the last hour or so, with all the younger siblings running riot. We watched one little girl attempting to make a snow angel on the tiles....... in 30 degree heat.

At last, the band came on and Izzy was great, trumpet solo and choreographed moves. He and Toby get on brilliantly, despite the fact that Izzy is in year 8 and Toby only in year 5. Perhaps it's a height thing. See how Nelly now towers over Toby and they are the same age? The fellow with the awesome 'fro, playing the base and standing a good meter further back than Izzy, is also in year 8!


  1. Oh how I remember all those Speech Nights - right back to Junior School at Barker when all the boys in year 3 had to play the violin - torture! But, well done Toby!

  2. Well done to all the Heaps.Presentation nights are a small price to pay for all that effort. Oh, and well done parents, you must have something to do with it too. Love Dad