Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's the little things

We don't know the fellows who have put our frame up, but they leave some sweet little touches around the house.

This is the top of a Milo dessert tub, stuck to a bit of the frame for safe keeping.

This little creature is made from mortar, nails and whatever those metal things are - they do make good legs and feet.

For Dad (who would rather see photos of our house than of Andrew and Bethany ;), here are some photos Andrew took on the weekend.

This is the kitchen - the low window is above the sink.

From the back yard....

Standing at the front door.


  1. SO exciting! Can't wait to see it in person... it looks fantastic, all the plans and details are paying off now.

  2. Don't know that I stated a preference, but a big thank you for the house photos! Keep them coming.