Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Party

One more week of work to go, phew! It is, as my last week in this job, going to be very busy as I try to tie up all the loose ends and hand over my responsibilities. I am very much looking forward to having three weeks off!

We mostly finished off our Christmas shopping on Saturday, getting up early to beat the crowds. We ended up out at the Muddi Café where they have local and handmade products. Bethany asked for coins to throw in the fountain and when I came to take a photo she told me to leave her in privacy...

A quiet night in may have been the smartest choice, but I had my work Christmas party. We dressed up and had dinner and a show at a local café.

There was a fair bit of random behaviour and hilarity.

Proof that not all library workers are women!

Today we church started earlier as we had a celebration service with all three congregations, meeting at the school, followed by a farewell lunch for the Halbisches. Bethany has a friend over this afternoon, we are having dinner with the Shephards and, if we have time, we are dropping in to the Halbisches' before 10. A perfect Sunday before my last ever ten hour work Monday!

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