Monday, September 17, 2012

The fast track

I am not, on the whole, a great fan of summer sport. I am resigned to getting up early on winter Saturdays and sitting in the car while children freeze on ovals at dusk. I very much resented the cricket season Toby participated in once and been very happy to avoid all summer sports since. I was a bit concerned when I heard that Toby was to take up track racing but have since come around to the idea that it is brilliant.

Toby absolutely loves it. There are around 30 young riders who gather with their parents at the velodrome on Monday and Wednesday afternoons - no Saturday mornings. We have hired a track bike for Toby (they have no brakes!) and he has some real knicks (bike pants with bottom padding).

On Sunday, after church, Toby and Andrew went for a ride with around 20 others. Toby was by far the youngest, with only one other child there, but he more than kept up and had a fabulous time.

Toby loves soccer, but I think he has really found his niche with cycling.

After the ride they stopped at the Thirsty Crow, a local microbrewery. I'm not sure whether Andrew asked for a beer for Toby, only make it hot chocolate. That's what I would have done.

Bethany ran into her old friend from pre-school, Bianca, the other day at the Botanic Gardens.

Just like old times.


  1. Oh Toby - I will be very happy to travel again to see you in "Le Tour" in about 10 years - no problem!