Saturday, September 1, 2012

A proper large

I have been driving Bethany to and from school while Toby has been in Ballarat. I think she is old enough to manage it by herself but I hadn't thought to prepare her beforehand and she wasn't keen. The trip home does involve getting one bus to a local high school, in a street with a less than fantastic reputation, and then waiting there for another bus to take her the rest of the journey. I can understand her not wanting to hang around there by herself.

On Thursday, she hopped into the car and I threw her bag into the boot. The Father's Day stall had been that day and she wanted to get her purchases out of her bag. It would have been much quicker for me to get out of the car and open the boot, but it was much more fun to watch her climb through the trap door.

When my friend Sonya asked to have a meeting with me about the projects she is planning that the library might get involved with, I suggested we go to the Old Empire Tea Rooms because they (it is really just one, tiny room, but the name is plural) are right near Sonya's work and I have been meaning to go since they opened.

We ordered a large flat white and a large mocha. Let's just say that it was lucky I hadn't managed to have any breakfast.

The photo above doesn't really give any perspective, so here is Sonya with her very large, large.

The decor is quirky and fun and I will definitely go again. After all, one really should have tea in tea rooms.

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