Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to work relief

This was not one of those weekends that offers relaxation and recharging. I got up very early on Saturday to be out at the farm to set up our market stall at 8am. Megan was with me in the morning, we set up together, worked out we needed much bigger tent pegs when the whole thing went flying away, and then I was alone for the last three hours. Somewhere between the new venue, change from Sunday to Saturday and the Farmers' Markets, Jazz Festival and Rex Open Day being on at the same time, nobody came to Muddi. Let's just say that I had some lovely long chats with other stall holders who were able to leave their stalls unattended and that I read so much Bleak House on my phone that I nearly ran out of battery.

Thankfully, Megan came back at the end to pack up with me and I had seven friends come over in the evening for stamping, coffee, tea and cake so the day ended happily.

This morning, I taught at Kids' Church and then we went to the Botanic Gardens for a BBQ with Toby's soccer team. The kids had lots of fun playing.

Bethany looks very worried in this photo, but she loves that flying fox.

Bethany, Joss and I played hide and seek in the maze. Bethany always found us by going over or under the walls.

Andrew left the BBQ to go to his seventh gig for the weekend and then, at 4pm, Toby and I were able to catch the last gig. It was held at the Home Tavern and Toby and I went up to the bar to get him a drink. I said that I would like to buy my son a beer, but could it please be poured from the Lift tap. Toby enjoyed his first pub beer very much.

The gig was awesome. The darkness is not great for photos but that doesn't really matter as I should have taken video so you could hear. Great trumpet solos, sharp brass lines and a tight band with talented, young singers. Toby and I had such a good time.

Now, the washing and ironing is all done and, while a sleep in would be welcome, I'm glad to be getting back to work tomorrow! Actually, I have to take Joss to get her braces, the fun continues. She has been eating apples and carrots because they will be off the menu....

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  1. Hope the pace is a little less hectic when we come down! Some music would be nice though. Love Bop