Thursday, September 27, 2012

New dog

Poor Milo has been sleeping outside since we moved into town. As it gets a wee bit cold here in Wagga, we have left him to get very woolly indeed. Now that the weather is warming up nicely, and remembering that our Spring and Autumn tend to be very quick, at least the mild days are few and we go from cold to hot very quickly, I made the appointment to rid Milo of his shaggy, matted coat.

Bethany took some photos of Milo as we dropped him off at the vet.

He always looks so embarrassed and sad when he is naked.

Bethany fed him the food he was unable to be given this morning (nil by mouth as he needs to be sedated to have his ears plucked) and, don't tell the landlords, but I let him inside for a bit this evening. Poor fellow!


  1. Oh my!!! I can't believe that's what he looks like under all the doggy dreadlocks!

  2. My goodness Amy...are you sure they gave you back the right dog???I have seen him after shearing before, but this seems drastic! I still remember the bouncy, fluffy little Milo when he first arrived in your family. Hope he is more comfy :)

  3. Just makes me feel cold to see him shorn, hope they made some wool from his coat for some deserving cause!

  4. Aww. Yeah, maybe he really feels that he got taken out of his normal clothes, so there is really that uneasy and awkward feeling. Anyway, it’s important that you cheer him up through playing games with him. And you did the right thing. Feeding your dog, especially when it’s his favorite treat, would help improve his mood. :)

    Liza Bedoya