Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer is coming

The weather has well and truly turned in Wagga. It happens all of a sudden. One morning it is dark at 6 am, after the weekend, it is light. The light is only pale, of course, but it is there. It is still cold in the mornings and evenings but it can be properly warm during the day.

This lovely mid-season never seems to last for long.

I am being positive and looking forward to my washing drying outside over night.

Last weekend I went to a high tea at church for Monica, who is getting married soon. Look at Donna in no sleeves! Admittedly, she was cold.

This weekend it is the Jazz Festival. Andrew is playing around 400 gigs (translation - 4 or 5) in 3 different bands. I have the Muddi markets tomorrow during the day and friends coming over to stamp during the evening. It may well rain and be cold but we will be enjoying busy, country life!


  1. It's getting warmer here too - didn't even light the fire last night! Yesterday, it got to 27 during the day! Looks like it might be a long, hot summer...

  2. Ditto, spring is too short in these parts, especially when the wind blows most of it away.