Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mum and Bethany

On my day off I usually clean the house, do the washing and maybe make some cards. During the school holidays, I like to mix things up. With Andrew and Toby away and Joss off with her friends at the hideously expensive Wagga Show, I decided to do none of the usual things and just have fun with Bethany.

We went shopping and bought her a pretty dress of her choice and a cute top (Myer were having a great sale). We met Margot at Cache and Bethany had a hot chocolate. Margot never fails to give presents to the kids and she came with a bag full of make up and a bass recorder! It's lucky she did really, as we chatted for almost two hours over our coffees and Bethany was very good.

We played with Milo and made a cake to Bethany's design. A sponge (the Nigella sort with maximum butter) with cream and, wait for it, marshmallows.

She wasn't all that enamoured of the taste, and I certainly can't blame her, but the fun was in the making. Hopefully, her taste will refine over time.

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  1. Save some for me please, looks great. Love Bop