Sunday, September 23, 2012

In a flash

Phil, Charlotte, Henry and Georgiana arrived yesterday just after twelve and stayed until just after breakfast this morning. It was great to see them, even for so short a time. There are some advantages to living half way between Sydney and Melbourne.

They arrived while we were just at the end of our church's street fair, so they came to church first to let the kids have a little run around and jump on the jumping castle. I didn't get photos of everyone because I'm simply not organised like that.

This baby goat (kid seems wrong somehow) is so very sweet.

Can you see Andrew in the background? He and Lachlan played jazz for us. I wasn't listening very closely as I missed them playing a One Direction song. How does Lachlan know a One Direction song? At least we have a thirteen year old daughter for an excuse.

The house is quiet as quiet now, or least as quiet as it can be with Bethany around.

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